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Ordination 2013


Message From Above Ministries offers online ordinations for serious Christian workers and ministers.

Becoming ordained is a giant step in the life of a servant of God. Online ordination is legal and sets the minister free to serve God in accordance with their calling instead of the rules of man!  As God's ordained ministers, we take on the awesome responsibility of leading others to Jesus Christ.  The need for leaders in the body of Christ has never been greater.  We are currently entering the final revival promised in the bible.  The last days will be the most exciting time to be an ordained minister in the history of the world.  Winning souls is the absolute heart of God Himself.  He is looking for men and women through whom he can work to complete the work of the Great Commission given to us by our Lord.  If you are called to be a Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, or just a serious Christian worker needing ordination papers in order to gain access to needy people, such as hospitals, jails, prisons, etc. then this site is for you!  If the Lord has led you to this site, then ordination is for you! Online ordination sets the minister free from discrimination by well intentioned people who desire to control entry into the ministry.  As long as you meet the requirements for ministry as laid out in the book of Timothy, then there is no reason why you should not become an ordained minister.  If you take seriously the call that God has placed on your life, then becoming ordained should be easy as well as rewarding. 

Who We Are

Message From Above Ministries is a non-denominational ministerial association made up of ministers from around the world who have answered the call to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.  We have returned to the original doctrine of the apostles in allowing believers to form their own fellowships without interference from an outside organization.  We offer ordination online to allow Christian people to make up their own minds about how to best serve The Lord and fulfill His calling on their lives as Independent Ministers.  This online portion of our ministry, is strictly an online ordination ministry.   Ordination credentials packages are available from our credentials catalog, including ordination certificates, honorary degrees and church charters..  Independent Ministers are free to pursue ministry on their own, provide their own funding and resources, and take advantage of the ministry opportunities that abound throughout the world.  Please be sure to read the online ordination frequently asked questions page

   Privacy Notice:  Your information will never be shared with anyone else for any reason, nor will you be placed on any mailing lists.  Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.  Rest assured that your privacy will be protected.   Absolutely no one will be given your personal information.

The Call

Jesus called us to "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you." (Matthew 28:19-20)  It has been estimated that if the population of the earth stopped growing and we used the methods that we are currently using to spread the gospel, it would take around a thousand years to evangelize the whole world.   The problem is, we don't have a thousand years and the population of the earth is not going to stop growing.  We need to train and equip many thousands of new ministers around the world to do the work of the ministry, FAST!  Time is rapidly coming to an end and many in this world have not heard the good news of Jesus Christ.  Will you join the ranks of ordained ministers and help to fulfill the great commission of our Lord?  Online ordination is a great, and easy way to move into the ranks of ordained ministers.  Please understand, ordination is not necessary in order to serve God.  Ordination will not make you a stronger Christian nor will it increase your walk with God.  Ordination simply opens doors of ministry which are normally closed to ministers who are not ordained.  Once those doors are opened to you, then it is your privilege to take advantage of those ministry opportunities and win as many people for our Lord as possible.  Now is the time and we are the people whom God has called to enter into the end time harvest.  Do you have the call of Jesus Christ in your heart?  Will you answer that call?  Apply now!

The Vision

The vision of  Message From Above Ministries  Is to send forth ordained ministers into all the world to make disciples for the Lord of all people everywhere!  In order to fulfill this God given vision, we are offering online ordination to people who will go forth under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and work tirelessly for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Time is Short!  Ordained ministers must take their responsibilities seriously and work hard to take the message of Jesus Christ forward.  This can only be accomplished by properly training and ordaining ministers with a heart to work for the Lord!  Do you share our vision to win the lost for Jesus Christ?

Christian Ordination

Most Christian ministers prefer Christian Ordinations as opposed to ordinations granted by non-Christian organizations.  Message From Above Ministries has a strong vision and background in solid Christian principles and we attempt not to ordain those who are not of the household of faith.  We want our ministers to have the confidence of being a part of a worldwide outreach that champions the cause of Christian ministry.  Other organizations ordain anybody regardless of their vision or beliefs, we attempt to screen out non-Christians and provide credentials only to serious Christian Ministers and workers.  We may not be the largest organization in terms of numbers, but we are big in our vision and desire to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.  If you serve the risen savior and want to be a part of an organization with a vision and a passion for winning the lost, then apply now and join us in the field of harvest.

Ordained ministers may:

Performance of marriage ceremonies. 

There is nothing more gratifying than to join a happy couple in holy matrimony.  As an ordained minister, you will be able to perform wedding ceremonies.  Some areas may require registration as well as ordination before conducting wedding ceremonies. Check with your county clerks office for details in your area.  Please ensure that you meet all legal requirements before performing a ceremony, breaking the law can have some very serious consequences.

Earn the respect automatically accorded members of the clergy.

 Earn Money If you wish, you can legally charge for the services you perform; including weddings, funerals, services, etc.  Note: Before performing any civil ceremony, such as marriage, it is your responsibility to know and follow the laws in the state where the marriage is to be performed.  We offer a quick guide to marriage laws here to assist you.  Check with your county clerks office for up to date information.

Ceremonies - Lead Christian ceremonies and rites as a legally ordained member of the clergy.

Church - Ordained ministers are able to open a church to spread the fellowship of believers.   

Choose your own title: Minister, Reverend, Pastor, Cleric... you decide.  You may serve under any title that you wish, but please make sure that it fits with the work that you are performing for the Lord.  Pastors should have congregations, evangelists should have field work that they are actively engaged in.  Reverend is a more passive title and may be used by any member of the clergy.  You may use your imagination and choose a title that fits the ministry in which you are engaged.

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Ministers ordained by Message From Above Ministries are saying:

A word to tell you that I received my order, they are very well made, and very professional looking.  I am very pleased and I received great service in a timely manner, and all documents are high quality.  I thank you for everything!  May God richly bless you and anoint your spiritual activity for His glory daily! 

Mgr Robert Belair 6/5/2013

I Thank God for people like you Rev. Shelton and the ministry you provide. Because of your ministry, 22 years of my pastorate and ministry, remains legally alive in the religious world. But most importantly knowing, with or without paper credentials, my commitment remains forever alive in Christ Jesus !

L. Flournoy 9/12/2012

Thank you very much. I am looking forward to another missions trip. I minister on Sunday mornings to children and I'm involved in an ongoing outreach ministry. I realize that my ordination and calling comes from God but I appreciate the opportunities that these credentials may open for me. Again, thank you.

Sharon Dollarhide 9/10/2012

MFA Ordained: January 15, 2005 with a honorary DD.,ThD. Suffered an NDE in Army water survival training; with Jesus pressing shoulder to shoulder against me, on February 06, 2005. I then went on to become the Chief of Chaplains Assistant for the Maryland State Guard, and an accredited clinical addiction counselor (Chaplain) via Emmanuel Baptist University. I am deputy national director, and veterans Chaplain, with the U.S. Chaplains Fellowship.

Roland Dell, Lighthouse Ministries

I want to thank you for the opportunity that you have given me. I have to tell you, the Lord is so amazing. I am still all in the beginning phases of getting the ministry up and running, but I am truly grateful to the doors that God has opened to me, and what He is showing me. A few years ago, I was stepping out into preaching, and I thought it was the right time, but my family and I fought all the time, they are not Christians, and they did not agree with what I was doing. So things did not go so well for me then. But God being so amazing and having things done on His time, had me open up with my parents, and let them know that I am living a life fully for Jesus, and that was that. Well, before I spoke with them, I prayed that God would step in, and He did, my parents actually are supportive of me, and my decision to follow Jesus, which is awesome, and I know it's the Lord. And He led me to your site and when I entered the application, and put in my testimony, I prayed to God, that if it was not His will, then to stop everything from happening, and show me a new direction. Well, the day after I submitted my application, is the day you sent me the approval of my application, so I know that this was definately a door that was opened by the Lord. And as far as the name for the ministry, I prayed for a name, and He put it on me, "Full Surrender," because that's where He brought me, to a place of full surrender. And when everything came in from you, and I was able to show my parents, that I am now ordained, and starting a ministry, they seemed to light up. I know the vision that the Lord gave me, of my parents coming to church, and see me preach will come about, and I can't wait, until they know His love and salvation. Again, thank you, and God Bless.
Robert Crawford

I would like to share with my Brothers and Sisters in Christ what I've been doing in my ministry that has been very successful and rewarding,so that if there are ministers ordained through Message from Above ministries and are having a difficult time to grow ,one thing they can do is not be afraid of knocking on doors and just witness to people and point out scripture in the Bible that hopefully will prompt them to accept Jesus Christ into their lives. Too many times well intended Ministers and Pastors spend their time trying to convince people to go to their church ,saved or unsaved. As sad as it sounds,their are people that have absolutely no interest in religion. Our Job as Ministers and servants to God is to spread his Gospel to all Not convert them to be Catholic,Baptist,Mormon,Pentecostal,or whatever Denomination or church affiliation we attend personally even if it be our own.

Our Job and responsibility is to spread the Gospel Not the Religion. I have also had many contact me via face book asking for prayer,some openly via posting to my home page and some privately messaging me for prayer. i have prayer request from people in Florida where i live ,to people in Ireland that i've witnessed to. prayer is the most powerful tool any minister/pastor/rabbi/etc. can have. I pray for all the Ministries and through prayer i feel in my heart a need to open a door to offer a prayer site that all ministers from message from Above Ministries can send prayer request. that is to a private email address and forwarded to all who wish to be a part of this prayer group the email address to be used is Being the Main recipient of all prayer request sent to this email address i offer any prayer request to be kept Notorious if requested.

Reverend Gerard Lessard

I appreciate your taking the time to lead me, a retired paper-pusher, through the process of being able to officiate at a wedding.
God bless you and yours,
Chuck Clemens
West Branch, MI

Rev. John, I sincerely appreciate the promptness and the quality of the credentials and the service you have provided.
All blessings in Christ,
Rev. Dr. Ed Moloney

Rev. Shelton, I received the Ordination Certificates and was humbled by the quality and elegance of them, incredible. Keep up the great work for Christ and I will keep you updated and how God uses me as his tool for Christ and his Kingdom. Again Thank You. Pastor Mark Spangler, Rensselaer, Indiana

Bro. John, Thank you for providing this opportunity to me. I have looked at several websites which offer ordination over the past couple of months and never felt a peace in my spirit to connect with any of them. When I saw your website for the first time yesterday I immediately felt at peace and a desire in my heart to finally make a connection. I was unsure of the spirit behind the other websites, but it was different with your site. You have a generous and righteous heart of ministry and I am glad to be a part. Thank you again for the opportunity and the blessing to fulfill the call upon my life. Always to further His Kingdom, J. Murphy, Lakewood, CO

Dear Pastor,

I Greet you in the precious Name of Jesus and to thank you for these wonderful ordination documents that I received today in the mail in-fact I had the feeling that I was going to receive it today and lo and behold I got it. Yes, Yes to God be the Glory I was a little nervous as to how they would look but I am amazed at the quality Thank you once again I truly Glad that I am ordained through MFA.

I also wanted you to know that what you are doing is an incredible Blessing not only to myself but unto many that have been ordained through MFA.

Secondly I wanted to let you know that I do believe that the Lord led me to your website for that very night after I applied for the ordination papers I came under heavy attack from the devil to undermine The lords calling upon my life but as I ministered to a lady about the heart, the mind and the mouth how the mouth speaks the mind when it depends upon it and all it does  is bring confusion (Prov. 3 verse 5) but if you let the heart speak the truth of Gods word by faith  there will be peace and when there is truth in the heart the truth will set you free therefore the mind the heart the mouth will be in line with the truth of Gods word .. this ministered to me even as I shared the word with her God spoke to me and Gave me peace thus bringing the devils attack to be null and void ..

Thank you once again for the wonderful blessing and gracious opportunity.  Yours Sincerely, Rev: T.M Wiid.

I am writing you to let you know what has been going on since I was ordained through your ministry in February. The church we were attending closed. Some of the people in the congregation wanted to stay together and asked me to be the assistant pastor of the new church. Since we opened the church in May we have been continually growing and are already looking for a larger building to accommodate our growing congregation. The name of our church is The Lighthouse Worship Center. We are located in Jasper, IN. I want to thank you for your ministry which has helped make this possible for my ministry and has opened new avenues for me to serve God and to bring the light to the lost souls of this community.  Rev. Robert E. Jasper, IN

I received my Ordination Credentials Package today and was amazed at the quality of the documents and everything was beautiful. Thank you for your fast service and everything.  Rev. Eric M.  Worcester, MA

If you have gotten ordained through this ministry. Let me tell you... I received my ordination papers today. They are incredible... Very professional and something I am proud to display above my desk... I wanna thank Pastor  for his obedience to the Lord Jesus and just thank the Lord for bringing  spirit filled people into my life... Praise Jesus!  Rev Kyle G.  Tulsa, OK

We provide online Christian ordination to serious Christian Ministers and workers since 2004.

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